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Cactus Wallpaper | Mountain and Landscape

Printed in 2-3 working days.

at only £29 /m²
at only £29 /m²
Add a safety margin of 6 to 10cm.
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If you're looking to add a touch of rustic elegance and authenticity to your interior, our Mountain and Landscape Cactus Wallpaper is an ideal choice. With its imposing mountain and desert cactus motifs, this cactus wallpaper creates a unique atmosphere, perfect for your living room, bedroom, or any other space of your choosing.

The design of this panoramic cactus wallpaper evokes the raw beauty of mountains and the serenity of the desert. The details are striking, capturing the majesty of rocky peaks and the grace of cacti. Every glance at your wall will transport you to a spectacular landscape.

This cactus tapestry is specially designed to adorn your walls with a design that celebrates the raw splendor of mountains and the tranquility of the desert. Every detail is captured with precision, highlighting the majesty of rocky peaks and the grace of cacti. Every glance at your wall will transport you to a spectacular landscape, making this cactus wallpaper a wall art piece that evokes the natural beauty and harmony of these two distinct elements. Transform your space into a true outdoor getaway and experience the adventure of the mountain and desert daily with this exceptional desert cactus wallpaper.
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    Simply measure the width and height of the wall you want to wallpaper using a meter tape, in centimeters. If your wall has varying heights or widths, take the larger dimensions to ensure complete coverage of your wall.

    Next, input these measurements into the calculator provided on the page of your favorite wallpaper. We will add a safety margin of 10cm to your measurements at no extra cost to you.

    We recommend using vinyl wallpaper adhesive to bring our wallpapers to life on your walls. Vinyl wallpaper adhesive ensures perfect adhesion of our wallpapers to all types of surfaces and enables them to withstand humidity.

    Our wallpapers are printed in 60cm-wide strips. This format strikes the best balance between 100cm strips, which are too large for proper application, and 40cm strips, which complicate the process. 60cm strips allow for quicker and easier application of the mural design and allow you to apply it alone, without difficulty. Our wallpaper strips are all numbered, with visual markers printed on them to ensure perfect alignment.

    We offer our customers a choice between superior wallpaper and premium wallpaper. Our superior wallpaper is made from silk fabric, providing a matte and smooth texture to your wall decor. Our premium wallpaper, being thicker, is recommended to conceal potential wall irregularities. Our papers are environmentally friendly, and custom printing prevents paper waste and minimizes wastage.

    Our wallpapers are printed on high-quality fabric using natural inks, solvent-free and harmful substance-free, PVC-free, and odorless. Therefore, they do not emit any unpleasant odors and are not harmful to either children or adults.

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