jungle wallpaper colour pairing

Jungle Wallpaper: Which Colours to Pair It With?

Trendy wallpaper for several years, whether it's for a main room in your home or for a bedroom, there is something for everyone: colours, black and white, savannah, forest, parrots, flamingos,...

But with what style of room, what paint colours should it be matched? The jungle style cannot adapt to all others. To be used in small touches, it should not overwhelm the rest of your room. Discover our 5 tips to tastefully combine it with your home.

1. Use white as paint for your walls

The jungle-style wallpaper has the qualities of its faults. It takes up a lot of visual space, undoubtedly bringing style to your room, but be careful not to overdo it! The risk is always to overdo it so that your room becomes nothing more than a large multicoloured space, without any style anymore.

What we recommend: break up the jungle style with white, on the walls without wallpaper. We advise you to apply your wallpaper to only one wall, or two at most, creating a "wow" effect without any heaviness.

The rest of the room must be simple, to give all the style space to your wallpaper. White walls allow this.

Another interesting point, the Jungle style can weigh down, or even slightly shrink the visual space of a room. White walls can completely counterbalance this, offering the perfect contrast between two styles that seem opposed at first glance.

2. Use a color reference from your wallpaper

You've chosen a >beautiful animal jungle wallpaper, and you're hesitant to decorate your room with colorful objects or furniture?
On the contrary, you can, and you should, create a color and shape reminder in one or more objects in your room.

These reminders should not be made on entire pieces of furniture, but can be on a lamp for example, a wall sconce, or on decorative items like a vase or a cushion.

The goal here is to mark your room with the dominant style you have chosen, but without ever locking yourself into that style.

3. Have you tried black and white jungle wallpaper?

Forget everything we've just told you. The black and white jungle wallpaper completely changes the game, offering a style quite different from the color version.

With it, the rules are reversed. It brings a lot of style, with shapes, but without any color. This leaves room for your furniture, your decorative items, to have a strong, possibly colorful style.

Its main advantage is to enhance any colorful, offbeat element that would be placed alongside it.
Which colours to pair it with? Royal blue, khaki green, a beautiful burgundy. Colours that have character, and will perfectly complement the patterns of the black and white Jungle.

4. Adopt a soft yet effective decor style

The soul of a room can depend on a main colour, on a style of furniture (retro, modern, etc.), but also on some well-placed design touches.

The chic look allows for this. What does it consist of? In small touches, you will place some objects made of noble materials: aluminium, glass, copper, which indirectly support the decoration of the jungle wallpaper.

Initially, these two styles should not go together. And yet, the chic style fits perfectly with the more colorful jungle style. We particularly like the hints of copper with quite flashy green wallpaper.

Try it, I'm sure you'll adopt it!

5. Follow through with your idea and the jungle style!

The opposite of what we told you earlier about the walls painted white.
You want to stay within the tropical theme, but without a lapse in taste? It’s also possible, but you will need to choose your decoration and your furniture carefully.

There is one unchanging rule:

Is your jungle wallpaper light? Prefer dark wooden furniture to break the “soft” colour of the wallpaper, while staying natural.
Is your wallpaper dark? Do the opposite! Opt for furniture with light wood, exotic for example.

The rule also applies to your floor. If you have a nice parquet floor (light or dark), consider this when choosing the shade of your jungle wallpaper.

Thinking of redoing your floor? Why not consider laying seagrass flooring? It will perfectly adapt to your tropical style.

By following our advice, you can arrange your room with your tastes, and with style. Don’t hesitate to test a shade, a wallpaper, before installing it permanently.

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